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"One Angry Giant" African Elephant, Tanzania Africa"Family Stroll" African Elephant, Tanzania Africa"Family Portrait" African Elephant, Tanzania Africa"On The Hunt" Arctic Fox, Svalbard Norwegian Arctic"Returning With A Prize" Black Skimmer, Florida"Coming Ashore" Black Skimmer, Florida"Cold Feet" Bonaparte's Gull, Florida"Morning After The Rain" Cape Buffalo & Flamingos, Tanzania Africa"Watchful Scavengers" Adult & Juvenile Caracaras & Turkey Vulture, Texas"Looking Around" Cheetah, Tanzania Africa"Tag, You're It" Cheetah & Black-backed Jackal, Tanzania Africa"Game of Chicken" Cheetah & Black-backed Jackal, Tanzania Africa"Jockeying for Position" Crested Caracara, Texas"Browsing The Treetops" Masai Giraffe, Tanzania Africa"Father Figure" Masai Giraffe, Tanzania Africa"Synchronized Flight" Gray Crowned Crane, Tanzania Africa"Hooter and Hootee" Great Horned Owls, Florida"Bright Colors, Beware!" Green & Black Poison Dart Frog, Costa Rica"Landing Gear Extended" Harris' Hawk, Texas"I'm Different" African Hoopoe, Tanzania Africa